No Limitation in Communication

Human-to-human video and audio simultaneous interpretation service based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Our Technology

Innovative technologies on the basis of machine learning

Automatic Speech Translation

Automatic Speech Translation

Low real-time translation latency
24/7, 365 days a year
35+ languages

Transcription and Subtitles

Transcription and Subtitles

While listening to a speech, users can view a transcript or read subtitles and translate the text into the selected language

Cloud Phone System

Cloud Phone System

We are also ready to offer our solution based on deep artificial intelligence for use in a cloud phone system

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Human-to-Human Translation Without Boundaries 🔔

We have developed a solution for a video platform that allows users to communicate in different languages in real time. Users can always choose to view the transcription in the original language.

35+ languages.

Simultaneous translation with artificial intelligence in 35+ languages.

Transcription and subtitles.

Our technology allows you to broadcast subtitles and download a transcript after the end of the call.

Viewing and listening format.

Ability to view or listen to original recordings in Video (mp4), Audio (mp3) format, or download transcripts in TXT or PDF format.


No Limitation in Communication ✌️

A professional, accurate, telephone interpreter. Telglobal removes the language barrier in human communication by using the most advanced artificial intelligence technology.
Note: To see the quality and accuracy of our interpreter services, make a FREE call (limited to 2 minutes).

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Meet us 😮

Artificial intelligence is changing the way information is produced and accessed. Speech recognition and language understanding by software is the key to the future of information management.

What is Telglobal?

Telglobal is a huge innovation leap from anything else on the market right now. We have to make a big effort to educate the market so that customers know why they need our product and how artificial intelligence can change the way we communicate. The mission of Telglobal is to break down language barriers and create seamless cross-language communication, something for everyday life. Our technology is based on the latest advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing.